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Knee Walkers

The knee walker and knee rover products are designed for when recovering from lower leg injuries or recovering from lower leg surgeries.

They are an excellent alternative to crutches as they are easy to use with minimal strain on the body. Read our blog post on knee walker benefits for more information.

Typically they are rented for however long you will be non-weight bearing for. This is usually 4-6 weeks but can be up to 10-12 weeks depending on the type of injury or surgery you are recovering from (as well as other factors).

Knee Walker

The knee walker is the more popular of the two products. It’s light and compact making it easy to use but it’s more suitable for use indoors. Wheels on the knee walker are solid so works best on smooth surfaces such as wooden floors, tiles and carpet. Both products can be easily folded for transporting in a car.

Knee Rover

The main difference between the knee rover and knee walker is that the knee rover has air (pneumatic) tyres and therefore is more suitable for use outdoors or for use on rough ground.

It can also be used indoors but as it’s slightly bigger and heavier than the knee walker it doesn’t glide as effortlessly when using indoors.

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