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Hospital Equipment Rentals

Yes, they are fully electric and come with an easy to use remote control which can can adjust the various sections of the bed. The main three areas are the back rest, total height of the bed and the knee-raise section.

The bed can be set up anywhere in the home once there is room for a single size bed (7x3ft) and access to an electrical socket (2 sockets if an air mattress is required).

It takes about 30-45 minutes to set up the bed and about 1 hour if an air mattress is required. Once set up is complete our product specialist will show you how to operate the bed properly and safely.

Package includes a fully electric profiling bed, hospital grade foam mattress and collapsible side-rails (sometimes known as cot-sides). We also have optional extras such as reach poles and over-bed tables which we can include free of charge.

Typically your healthcare professional will recommend the type of mattress required. Sometimes if a person will be in bed for large parts of the day there may be a risk of bedsores of pressure ulcers occurring and an air mattress can help prevent and/or treat this. An air mattress (also known as a pressure relieving alternating mattress) has a control unit at the end of the bed supplying a constant flow of air to the bed and the air is regularly adjusted under the persons body weight meaning they are not lying in the same position for too long.

We also rent patient hoists, orthopaedic chairs, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and stair lifts.

Yes we do and we offer discounted rates for long-term rentals. Oftentimes equipment maybe needed for several months or years. You
may have a loved one wishing to remain in their own home and this equipment can help. Contact us for more information.

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